200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal

A world class yoga teacher training school, Rishikul Yogshala also offers 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal. A perfect mix of traditional yogic practices and modern exercises, this course makes the way meet its end. The faculty is RYT certified who are highly qualified and experienced professionals in their fields. A thorough understanding of yoga under their guidance is guaranteed. Whether a beginner or an advance level practitioner, we ensure in-depth learning useful for your whole life. On successful completion of the course you can get a simple professional teacher registration with Yoga Alliance, and become a teacher too. The Himalayan mist of Nepal further aids in grasping the knowledge of pranayama, meditation and naturopathy in duration of 4 to 5 weeks. Apply the theoretical knowledge and measure the results by practically implementing your practices with us.


NEPAL SCHEDULE & FEE – 2016 – 2017





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April (2017)

7th 4th Nepal, Pokhara 1900 USD 1700 USD


7th 4th Nepal, Pokhara 1900 USD 1700 USD


7th 4th Nepal, Pokhara 1900 USD 1700 USD

Yoga Alliance Certification TTC In Nepal

Rishikul Yogshala, Nepal is a registered school with Yoga Alliance USA, an internationally accepted validation provided to ‘A’ level schools with advanced trainers. Our school in Pokhara, Nepal, provides skill based programmes taught by experienced teachers. The course curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the fine details as you get the best services by the finest instructors available. With all these facilities at your command, a strong foundation of yoga along with step by step growth is guaranteed. Furthermore learning yoga the easy way under the sun while you breathe fresh air is an experience in itself unlike the city life.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

The first step towards the yogic traditions, 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Nepal is a residential programme for the beginners approved by Yoga Alliance. The course is designed for those aiming at getting a systematic knowledge of this Vedic art form. A basic course yet a rigorous one, it requires constant effort and understanding on the part of the student. The structure of the programme consists of theoretical & practical knowledge about yoga and human body. A better understanding of yogic practices makes you a spiritually, mentally and physically sound individual. As you progress further in the course you would see the ignorance transforming to enlightenment. Clarity would take over the petty misconceptions of general life. Once you have successfully completed the course guidance, you can register with the Yoga alliance for the Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification and make the dream of becoming a Yoga expert come to life.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Nepal

Evolving from a more focused form of yoga, Ahstanga Vinyasa Yoga forms an integral part of the curriculum at Rishikul Yogshala in Nepal. Following the rules laid by Yoga Alliance USA, this form of yoga has been incorporated in the course with accuracy. It is designed for students aiming to gain a fast paced knowledge of Yoga. Deriving its name from a Sanskrit word, ‘Ashtanga’ it is a more rigorous form than others. Get rid of all impurities and unwanted elements by practicing it. A gift to the practitioner, you get healthy body, relaxed mind and a balance approach. Bridging the gap between a strong mind and holistic health, Ashtanga Vinyasa will shower fitness, weight management, and improved mental state by way of meditation, pranayama and naturopathy. We also incorporate parts of kundalini yoga, laughter yoga etc. to offer a wholesome programme for enhanced results.

Hatha Yoga Nepal

A more traditionally sound practice of yoga, Hatha Yoga is also a part of our course approved by Yoga Alliance. Hatha Yoga seeks to go into depths of meditative practices like Yoga-nidra, spiritual empowerment and pranayama and works on your mind. Slower practices and subtle postures give everlasting results, better awareness and an evolved self. In sync with the serene environment of Pokhara, Nepal, this form will help you gain control over the unstable mind while you conquer body ailments. Get into the deeper layers of life and change the patterns to get improved results. On successful completion of this course, you will be a confident individual ready to combat the challenges that life has to offer. With the help of RYT certification with Yoga Alliance, you can be a certified trainer, preaching yoga in the corners of the world.