5 Reasons to Undertake Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Summary: Know about the five astounding reasons behind why undertake a Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.

Once, you are ready to take the big leap in the path as a yoga aspirant, the next obvious question is to choose the appropriate place and venue that can help you take this leap in the right direction and in the best way possible.

Whether you are a yoga teaching aspirant or someone who wishes to indulge in more sincere self-practice of yoga, undergoing a yoga teacher training program is the ideal step to undertake for satiating this noble purpose. There are two things that can take you towards the designated goal of becoming an avid yoga practitioner or a well-developed teacher. And, these two things are – a great yoga school and an inspiring destination which can keep you motivated towards the preset goal. Both of these are the standing pillars of a fulfilling yoga program. With the absence of either – the learning can go either way.
How many of us are ready to take the risk here? Probably, not many of us can afford this risk. Acquiring an education takes investment of both – time and money. So, it becomes necessary to ensure that an investment in a program is both ‘time and money’ well spent.

With this said, there is a perfect destination that fits the whole criteria. A yoga teacher training in Nepal is the one that acknowledges all of these facets and delivers the aspired outcome to its participants while taking them through a soul-reviving tour until they reach the designated destination.

Let us discuss the five major reasons behind the above connotation about Yoga Learning in Nepal:


Practice Yoga and Meditation in the Lap of Nature

Yoga and Meditation, Peace and Solitude – these are interconnecting links that make a yoga program fetch great outcome. Nepal is the spiritual and natural abode of the most scenic mountain ranges, plush agricultural lands, beautiful river streams and diverse nature bodies. Undergoing Yoga Teacher Training Nepal is a real blessing for all those who come here for an exquisite experience of yoga and spirituality. Practicing Yoga and Meditation in the lap of divine nature is an irresistible gift.

Learn from Revered Yoga and Meditation Gurus

The history of Nepal dates back to the era when Hinduism and Buddhism came into existence. In fact, the great Lord Buddha took his first breath in the womb of Nepal. Ever since, the country has been a spiritual domicile to several revered yoga and meditation luminaries, teachers, sages and gurus. During the course of yoga ttc in Nepal, you get the privilege to learn and interact with some of the leading minds of this divine art form. Nepal is the establishment of some of the finest Yoga Alliance certified yoga schools that deliver the finest quality of yogic education.

Fulfill the Training with Holistic Food Choices

Food for the mind, body and soul—no yoga training is complete without the inclusion of holistic Vedic diet. Nepal is renowned for its plush green and highly fertile agricultural lands. Vegetation is one of the primary occupations of the simpleton inhabitants of this country. During the yoga program in Nepal, you get to relish highly palatable and gut replenishing wholesome vegetarian cuisine, all of which is prepared and sourced from fresh produce only.

Add More Activities to the Bucket List

Nepal is the country outlining eight of the globe’s ten highest mountain ranges with names like Mt. Everest, Mt. Kangchenjunga, etc. under its wing. Owing to this, Nepal endorses the highest and most adventurous trekking sites and sports activities and has further been ranked as one of the most sought-after adventure and nature-oriented destinations on the map. During the tenure of yoga training program in Nepal, you get the opportunity to add so much more to the bucket list than you could ever imagine. An insightful visit to ancient temples like Pashupatinath, Buddhist monasteries and Gompas, birth watching by the lake side and humming river streams, trekking the highest points, view of snow capped mountains, moon light boat rides and so much more. Take a stroll through the local markets and get your hands on interesting artifacts, rugs, handicrafts, traditional wear and take back interesting souvenirs.

Yoga Teacher Training on Budget

Let’s talk numbers here. Getting the big bucks out in order to accomplish the yogic dream seems like a decent idea. But, what if you do not have to? And, what if you actually get to fulfill this divine purpose without smothering the bill book? Would you not feel thrilled with the latter option? Money is precious and Nepal is the one country that takes care of it by limiting the expenses on your trip. By selecting Nepal as ‘the’ destination, you get to attain authentic knowledge and practice, while undergoing the yoga teacher training on budget.

Commence a reformative journey with yoga classes in Nepal and live an experience of lifetime.

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