Our Yoga Teacher


Swami Atmananada

Receiving the gift of Yoga from Kailash Ashram, Swami Atmananada Giri is a devotee of Guru Nutya Chaitanya Yati and has dedicated his life to the teaching of yoga and its facets. Swamiji met Guru Nitya in 1992 & his disciple, Sudhi Chaitanya in 1998 only to transgress above the everyday working of human life.

Born in Kerala, he was unaware of his spiritual capabilities but was humanitarian by nature, he wanted to help people and took up Homeopathy at Kerala and practiced Naturopathy for three years. Later on, he started in yogic practice in the year 2006 and since then there is no turning back for him.

Religiously following the Indian Vedas and Upanishads, he received his education from at Shivananda Ashram from Swami Adyatamanandaji only to become more devoted. He carried his meditation practices for four years at multiple places as a Sanyasa-mendicant. He is currently living in Rishikesh to offer the magic of light he has learnt in his due course of practice.


Annnamalai Prana Ji (Swami Thiyagaranjan)

Trained in the principles of the well recognized Swami Sivananda-Swami Vignanananda tradition of Tamil Nadu, the land of the Sidhhas, Annamalai Prana Ji is one of the most regarded masters of the yogic art. In Rishikesh, Prana Ji is recognized widely as the most experienced yoga master. Pranayama and yoga philosophy are his specialized fields of teaching. His classes are a syncretism of Indian and Western thought and could be highly interesting for a sincere learner.

Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda are among the other aspects of yoga learning that Prana Ji’s vast field of knowledge covers.


Gangesha Chaitanya

Being born in Karnataka in 1980, Gangesha Chaitanya is the follower of yogic sciences since a very tender age. Being a disciple of high Lama from a very tender age, he has dedicated his life for the betterment of mankind with the strong application of his yogic sciences. He has gained immersive knowledge from various Maharshisand gurus and has gained anin depth knowledge of yogicsciences. His exposure in varied fields of Hinduism and Buddhism is commendable. Swami Rama, one of his gurus has left a distinguished mark on his personality and teachings. He can be easily judged among huge crowd for the kind of authenticity he possesses and his passion towards providing a happier life.

Each corner of his teachings is reflective of his strong and invincible nature
His strong ability and curvature towards yoga and ancient sciences and provides a positive approach and a love angle towards the mind. He believes that mind too needs love care and affection much like a small child. An appreciable amount of time should thus be provided to nurture mind. With the systematic and organized approach towards ancientsciences, he initiates the learning process with his hostile teachings and practical directions. He provides much deeper and personalized connection with all beginners. His commendable experience in varied sciences like Ayurveda, Anatomy, Pranayama, and Naturopathy and yoga transformation is one of his assets he utilizes while teaching students. Kundalini yoga is one of the most ancient yoga and Gangesha holds unbeatable practical knowledge over the subject. His effective teachings deliver students with an all new approach towards life and imbibe within them a sense of positive attitude.


Bipin Baloni

Belonging to a humble north Indian Brahmin family, he was born and grown up in the close proximity to yoga and ancient sciences. In the tender age of 15 years, he was polishing his in-built ability of Hatha Yoga. Along with Hatha Yoga Teacher Training skills, he has expertise in Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama and has comprehensive knowledge of various others ancient sciences. A master in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Yogi Bipin Baloni holds firm faith and belief in the advantages of yoga.  According to him, yoga is much more than a physical exercise. He further adds that the perfect combination of AstangaVinyasa yoga and breathing techniques (Pranayama) along with gazing points (Dhristi) and bandhas (locks) results into a perfect medium for harmonizing and controlling mind. It not only works by purifying the mind but also revives the body and soul. Yogi Bipin is confident about the plethoraof advantages.

Yoga enhances health, promotes happiness and intimacy in personal lives. He is further an expert in conducting stress and tension related programs in various reputed Indian companies by sharing his skills and expertise in Ashtanga Vinyasa. He possesses great knowledge of human anatomy and utilizes each of the word of its knowledge for the welfare of mankind. Yogi Bipin is very particular about his teachings and make it sure that each student gets to have best knowledge by establishing a close personal connection with students. With a passion towards Astanga Vinyasa yoga and Hatha Yoga, he is committed to help every learner under his guidance with his effective practical knowledge. The same is been reflected in the way he provides teaching to his students. With the strong energy towards teaching, he makes it sure that every pupil under his effective guidance is able to graspwhatever is taught..